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We are attending Enterprise: 1 + 1 = 3 – annual conference & exhibition 10th and 11th April

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 Enterprise: 1 + 1 = 3. Driving synergy and improving returns.

The Schools’ Enterprise Association (SEA) is an independent members’ organisation providing support and guidance for schools’ management teams responsible for generating additional commercial revenues by optimising the return on the school’s considerable assets: education; co-curricular; community and public benefit partnerships; provenance; and buildings and facilities. 

The SEA includes a Sports Chapter, which helps sports’ management teams meet the unique challenges of running and optimising the return on schools’ sports facilities. 

Services offered through SEA membership include professional development, networking opportunities, reference library, recruitment, consultancy and access to professional advisors, focused on the enterprise development within schools. 

The Schools Enterprise Association and the Sports Chapter are established to:

  • Provide members’ representatives with the professional support they need to successfully manage their commercial lettings’ business and sports’ centre activities alongside the school’s core remit of providing a world class education to the school’s pupils.
  • Offer specialist advice and guidance services online, over the phone and in person at networking meetings, professional development events and an annual conference.
  • Work closely with other associations representing this sector, as well as professional advisers to the independent school sector ensuring that member schools have access to the very best information and guidance available in the marketplace.

The full agenda can be found here: SEA Annual Conference Agenda 2024 FV

Happy New Year!

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We hope you have a prosperous 2024.

A reminder if your income codes are missing please make sure you have copied your income codes from last year over to 2024!

This guide and many others can be found via our Client Portal or contact our customer support team and they can send it to you.

Scuba Newsletters

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To stay up to date with all things Scuba please make sure you have opted into our newsletter on the “keep me informed” tab on our Client Portal.

If you haven’t signed up to our Client Portal please contact one of our customer support team or look in the email footer of any email to find the sign up link.

Troubleshooting With Scuba

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Unable to connect to Scuba ? it might be an internal issue that can be solved by your IT department.

Your banking figures aren’t matching? something might be missing with your coding.

Unable to produce a report ? you are missing required software that your IT can install.

Solutions for these and more can be found via our Client Portal – troubleshoot page.

Please contact a member of the customer support team to be given the sign up instructions:

End Of The Year Preparations For Your Scuba System!

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As we approach the end of the year please remember to do the relevant processes to insure your Scuba system is ready for the new year.

Copying codes/ facility closures / exclusions dates and more can be found via our Client Portal or contacting our customer support team for the relevant guides.

If you by chance miss this reminder not to worry! an end of year newsletter will also be released with these processes included.

Included in the newsletter will also be our Christmas office hours.

Scuba Troubleshooting On Our Client Portal

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Unable to connect to Scuba ?

Cannot generate the finance report you require ?

The ticket printer not producing receipts ?

Fixes for these issues and many more can be found on our Client Portal Troubleshoot page.

If you are not signed up to our Client Portal already please contact one of our support team members who can send you the sign up information.

SQL Server 2008

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You may already be aware that SQL Server 2008 currently used to host Scuba/CentreStage databases will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 09/07/2019. Please see for more information.

Delta will, for a period of time, continue to provide support for its applications utilising SQL Server 2008 however we recommend migrating to a current version for improved security and performance.

Server migrations sit outside of the usual services provided by Delta and as such are usually carried out by your own IT support. Delta can conduct server migrations however this is a chargeable service with quotes available upon request.

As a brief overview, you may wish to review the following considerations and suggested actions with your IT support and management team in order to make an informed decision as to how you wish to proceed:

  • Audit current configuration:
    o Operating Systems (OS)
    o Shares/permissions
    o Database access – SQL/Windows authentication group
  • Consider Scuba services (where applicable):
    o Closedown service
    o Import to Scuba5
    o InterCentreLinkService
    o ScubaExtDataSyncService
    Services can be located in windows\system32 or Syswow64 depending on the server OS
  • Consider web services (where applicable):
    o ScubaConnect.php within the WSDL folder holds the connection details
    o ScubaRemoteWebCamera routines for terminal server installation
  • Consider Sentinel:
    o Fixed IP settings for door controllers and PC(s) running Sentinel. Windows Firewall needs port 9100 opened

Suggested action plan:
1. Make a copy of the Live database (and potentially central folders) on the new server
2. Configure your existing Scuba clients with an additional ‘location’ connecting to the new database / folders (remembering to change the location name!)
3. Test and then set the clients back to the Live system
4. On the day of migration, reconfigure all clients to the new location
5. Back up the live database and then take off line
6. Restore the database on the new server (Central Folders may need to be moved again if they have changed in the interim period)
7. Allow end users access to the system
8. Remove old locations from client machines

To summarise, there are two options available:

  • Continue with SQL Server 2008 (not recommended)
  • Migrate to a current version (recommended)

If you have any questions, please contact Neville or Paul at Delta on 01825 768188 or via