Scuba Courses Management– The Ultimate Leisure Management System 

Scuba Courses Management – Course Bookings  

The Scuba Leisure Management Software Courses Management module will accommodate any number of courses and will process any number of enrollments in a single transaction both on line and at the POS.  Price selection is automatic and based on the user category and courses can be funded on a pre-paid (DD driven) basis or PAYG.  Course administration (register, query, update students) is available on the move via mobile devices for your teachers.



Scuba Courses Management Module. Leisure Management Systems software

Scuba Courses Management Key Features

Unique User Number

Each student is recorded on the database and this allows you to manage that student, record attendance, check medical conditions and accumulate a comprehensive history of progression and achievements through the scheme.

Flexible Payments

Each course selected for enrollment can be paid in full or paid on an ongoing basis by either DD or ‘cash’ payment at the POS. Badges and awards would be purchased on an ad-hoc basis when these are achieved.

Students can be cancelled or transferred easily and this feature will be available on-line through the Student Portal during the next phase of development. This will allow parents to move their own child – dependent upon the options made available by your course co-coordinator.


The course setup module allows courses to be set up to only allow students of a certain skill level or age to enrol. The courses can also be set by the course administrator to stop receptionists taking any enrollments before the set re-enrollment date.


Registers are available either in real-time on a mobile device or as a printed sheet of necessary.

Mobile registers will allow the teacher to record attendance at the start of the class and then upgrade skills and achievement by student as the lesson progresses. This works in real time and updates the Scuba system automatically.

Reduce Administration

No more lengthy queues at re-enrolment time as parents can simply roll-on automatically as the student achieves all the skills at the current level in order to progress.