Scuba Membership Management – The Ultimate Leisure Management System

Scuba Membership Management  – Membership Categories 

Scuba will accommodate an unlimited number of membership categories and an unlimited number of members. Membership records can be created individually as users join either at the POS or on-line; they can be transferred automatically from our integrated prospecting module;  they can be imported from third party systems (such as the University intake office) or they can be inserted by one of our business partners using an available API.

They key consideration in Scuba is that there is a single record for each person with whom you transact – so all the members, authorised gym users, students, tutors, patrons and hirer’s reside in the same database, each will have a unique reference and all the history, purchases and attendances relating to that individual is in the same place.

Whilst all leisure facilities may not require the same user information, the format of each user record has been devised in such a way as to ensure that the requirement of any one facility can be met.

Single User Database

Because all the information about your users is in the same place, a single set of management tools will allow you analyse usage, visit patterns, income and trends for all users.  A single marketing module will allow you to e-mail all users who ‘expire next month’, who have a birthday in June’, who are ‘interested in stand-up comedy’, ‘who are level 3 swimmers’, who ‘attend more than three classes a week’ and so on.

SCUBA Membership Management Software

SCUBA Membership Management Software

Key Features of SCUBA Membershiop Management Software

Scuba Membership Management

Scuba addresses all areas of membership management, many automatically.

When a user joins – the system can send out an automatic welcome e-mail, when the user is about to expire – Scuba can send out automatic reminder letters and when a user defaults on a booking – Scuba will send out an arrears e-mail. When a user expires or is suspended, Scuba stops them booking or fast-tracking into the building.

Changes and updates to the membership details can be made at the POS or on-line via the members home page and, because this information is all kept in the same place and the system is real-time, this data is changed once and is reflected everywhere else immediately.

A sophisticated marketing suite allows you to easily extract users that match specific criteria and correspond easily with them via e-mail, SMS or memo.

Payments including Direct Debits

Payment by Direct Debit is now the preferred payment method for over 48% of the UK bill paying population because it provides so many advantages. Paying for a membership by monthly Direct Debit either at the leisure centre or using the online signup allows you to ensure monthly payments are received and non payers contacted swiftly with membership rights frozen until the missed payment has been made. Direct Debit is now also the preferred method of funding ongoing swimming lessons and some of our users have 90% of students paying in this way.


  • Pro rata payment calculated from date membership is sold to the first attainable BACS submission date
  • Submission file(s) and AUDDIS file (paperless mandate file) created in Scuba allowing full control of process
  • Flexible Submission and the AUDDIS file (paperless mandate file) formats allowing your Finance Department or Head Office and sent to BACS using their corporate software
  • Automatic import of ARUDD (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debit) report with immediate suspension or cancellation of the user dependent on the BACS non payment reason.
  • For both single and multi site membership databases suspended users are immediately put on hold at ALL sites. Scuba’s Access Control module will then deny them access to any area with an access control point.
  • A telephone list, rejection letter email and Point of Sale pop up memo are created to inform the customer of both the reason for the rejection and what they require to do next (if the membership is suspended they need to pay the outstanding monthly payment at the POS, for example).
  • ADDACS file processing
  • Integrated modulus checking to ensure account detail integrity

Prospecting, CRM & Retention

The ability to Convert, Retain and Manage your customers is an important part of leisure provision and Scuba’s Speculate module will allow you to:

  • add potential users to the Scuba database
  • set contact milestones
  • allocate personal trainers
  • send letters, e-mails or SMS
  • convert potential members easily
  • retain full correspondence history
  • schedule periodic follow-up calls

Scuba will allow you to set up any number of prospective membership categories and these will allow you to offer ‘taster’ memberships for limited periods with, perhaps, reduced booking rights, to users that may be interested in joining the Centre but need an incentive.

Each contact may be assigned to a Sales Advisor. The name and all contact details can be inserted into Scuba with, perhaps, the user photograph. A temporary membership card can also be issued as part of the registration process if required. Potential members can then be assigned to a Personal Trainer / Team Leader / Sales Advisor and the Scuba would then allow you to record the type of membership that the user is interested in.