Scuba – The Ultimate Leisure Management System Software – POS Booking & Ticketing

Fast and Intuitive POS Booking & Ticketing

The Scuba POS software is th eultimate bookings and management system that allows you to process visitors, sell shop stock, take payments and answer queries quickly. Automatic price selection for all membership types will eradicate errors during busy times and a single set of booking sheets will allow access to all activities and sessions from a single interface.

Key Features

POS Booking & Ticketing

Scuba‘s Activity Bookings module includes the functionality to book spaces for courts and classes as well as process casual visitors, for such sessions as gym and swim, quickly.  Touch screen technology, time-banded displays and automatic price selection make the process simple and intuitive.

All the booking screens at the POS are designed specifically for each individual centre to suit your needs. The Scuba POS module will also allow ‘one-click’ access to an unlimited number of other locations to enable you to manage bookings remotely or at a call-centre if you manage several sites within the contract.

Sessions are managed by our fast-ticketing feature where time-banded screens display the current sessions and prices are selected automatically dependent upon the user type.

A cash-up option deals with the finances and all transactions processed at the POS are automatically included in the ongoing analysis files. As a by-product of simply processing visitors, all the income reports, usage files and attendance statistics are collated automatically.

Membership Sales

Scuba will allow you to process and administer membership quickly at the POS and you can set your own mandatory fields to ensure that the appropriate information is captured at the outset. The data fields are formatted to eradicate input errors  the the system may be linked to postcode lookup software if required.

An integrated Direct Debit module will calculate any pro rata payments due before the first submission; the system will allow you to enter and validate bank details and will also send out electronic ‘welcome’ e-mails to the new user.

The users image is captured at joining time and displayed on the screen, along with any messages, whenever you transact with that user. All transactions are automatically recorded against that user in the form of a detailed visit history.

Membership cards of any type can be used with Scuba and we currently have magnetic stripe, bar code, HID, Mi-Fare and Des-fire cards being used across our sites. Some sites also utilize Mi-Fare wrist bands in lieu of the ‘card’ for added convenience.

Chip and Pin

All Scuba‘s payment modules can be integrated with a Chip and Pin solution allowing your staff to accept payments by credit debit card without the need to re-swipe cards through a separate PDQ machine – thus providing a speedier service to the customer and greatly improved security.

Access Control

Our Sentinel module will control access to the facility using a swipe reader mounted on a turnstile / gate or an individual door.

Access may be controlled by user category, time of day, age, gender, pre-payment and qualification (these are set by you). There is an integrated pass-back feature that stops card sharing.

As each visitors swipes in, the user details (image, name, category, status and messages) will appear on the screen for reference.  The system is real-time and if a user is expired or suspended they will be refused entry.