Scuba Internet & Self Service Bookings – The Ultimate Leisure Management System

Scuba Internet & Self Service Bookings

Key Features of SCUBA Internet & Self Service Bookings

Scuba Bookings App, iScuba

Download iScuba from the App store or from the Google Play store  and enjoy the benefits of real-time, instant bookings on the move.

The App will allow you to :

  • book courts / classes
  • cancel / manage bookings
  • join as a member, renew and manage settings – incl DD setup
  • book courses
  • book event seats
  • make payments

Court Bookings

Have a browse and see what is available on the booking sheets and then book Badminton, Squash or five side courts quickly.

Class Bookings

The Class bookings option (Body Combat, Step Aerobics etc), for classes which are often heavily subscribed, will enable users to book classes anytime.

If a class is full, a waiting list place will automatically be offered.

Sales Channels

Analysis of booking trends is simple with the comprehensive reporting module that will analyse bookings by sales channel (POS, Web, APP, Kiosk) as well as report and highlight oversubscribed sessions where customers are perhaps on a waiting list.

SCUBA Internet & Self Service Bookings

SCUBA Internet & Self Service Bookings

Self Service Booking Kiosks

Self service booking kiosks can play an important role for both customers and centre management, providing a quick, easy and simple bypass of th emain reception area.

Functionality ranges from allowing your pre paid users to collect their (£0.00) tickets for class places, through to quickly booking the same class for next week or clocking themselves in to have a £0.00 priced session such as swim or gym (the gym option may not be needed if Sentinel Access Control is installed to control gym access).

Our self-serve applications are deployed on robust, tried-and-tested technology with optional payment provision. The booking kiosks provided focus on ease and simplicity of use with the speed of transaction being of paramount importance.