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Sentinel Scuba's Secure Access Control

Sentinel Scuba’s secure access control module gives you the ability to restrict areas around your facility and give the membership categories of your choosing (Gold card or DD members for example) fast track entry into these areas which reduces queues at Reception and improves service levels to pre-paying customers.

Sentinel also allows entry for ‘standard’ members or Pay-As-You-Go users (qualified Gym Users, for example) who have paid for a specific activity at Reception or at a Kiosk.  Once payment has been taken the member can then swipe their card through the card reader on the turnstile or door to the area and entry will be granted.

Any type of membership cards may be used with Sentinel and we currently have live systems using bar code, magnetic stripe, Mi-Fare, Des-Fire and HID cards and several sites that utilise dual readers with different technology (Des-Fire and barcode for example) on the same entrance point.

Sentinel can be installed in the form of discrete readers mounted on individual doors that open when a valid card is swiped, or turnstiles fitted at Reception to control access to the whole building

We work closely with the customer and give detailed instructions to make sure the install and configuration requirements are met.

Key Features

Sentinel Scuba’s secure access control module will control access qualification (is this user allowed in here?), type of membership (can this type of member use this facility?), time of day (peak / off peak member?) and gender (ladies only morning?). Furthermore, as a by-product of swiping the card, the details are stored against that user in the form of a usage profile and a generic admission is written to the centre’s statistics.

A user with a ‘Gold’ membership that is prepaid either annually or monthly is simply checked by Sentinel to ensure that the membership is current and that they hold the relevant qualification to gain access to this area. If so, access is granted and the visit recorded.

A user with a ‘Silver’ card (say, an off-peak membership) is checked in the same way, plus due reference to the time. If it is off-peak time, the user is simply admitted and the visit recorded. If it is peak time, the system checks to see if the user has been to reception in the last ‘x’ minutes and paid for the peak session. If they have, access is granted but no visit is recorded as this was done when the ticket was purchased. You decide how long ‘x’ is.

No unauthorised access by users who haven’t paid a fee.

Sentinel knows whether the users fee for a class/activity has been paid to approve entry.

Any failed attempt to gain access is also recorded in the log and the keypad displays a ‘Go To Reception’ message.

Sentinel can also determine how long a ‘once-swipe entry’ is valid for and you can also set appropriate pass-back parameters to stop card-sharing.

Non Members (if applicable) & Staff can be given access by using either a Security Entry number generated by the software each day, or clicking the override button on the Sentinel application.

Here is a list of company’s we work closely with to achieve what the customer has in mind for their Sentinel installation:

  • Boon Edam
  • ITAB
  • Moffat Fire & Security
  • Omega
  • Security Solutions

Sentinel Scuba's Secure Access Clntrol

Sentinel Scuba's secure access control