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Scuba & CentreStage Solutions Support

Delta offers a quality level of service and support, ensuring that our systems are implemented to achieve a smooth integration with as little disruption to your organisation’s daily operation as possible.

All of our Customer Support and Training Team staff are fully conversant with the hardware and software they are installing. Being ex Leisure Centre staff, our team are familiar with the complexities of the customer facing environment and are wholly experienced in the processes involved when changing systems.

Key Features

Customer Friendly, High Quality Support Team

The quality of our Scuba & CentreStage Solutions Support Team is very important to us.  Our Team are able to design and build systems to your specific requirements, configure hardware, install software, provide comprehensive training on the software operation linked to facility operation, provide support during the implementation period, carry out post installation training and provide a software support backup.

All For One & One For All

Our Sales Team work in conjunction with the Product Development, Customer Support and Training Teams to ensure that our software is not only completed, but also fully tested and stable, prior to being sold.

Constant Improvements – Customer Driven with Minimum Disruption

Scuba is constantly being improved with software modification requests from our customers forming a large percentage of these. Customers receive the latest release of our software (approximately two to three times per year) under the terms of their software support contract.  We strive to ensure that we cause the minimum amount of disruption to our customers when we load the updates and provide the maximum amount of information about these updates – in the form of Software update notes and updated on-line, and built in Help files.

Customer Controllable Free of Charge Updates

We provide Free of Charge software updates and any new features are parameter driven so you can switch them on if and when required.

This means your system will always be up-to-date.

  • No enforced software updates, new features are parameter driven so you can switch them on if required.
  • Advanced Notice, your system is never updated without advanced warning or consent and detailed updates notes are provided prior to the updates.
  • More input into the development of the software, as a smaller sized UK company we are open to suggestions for future enhancements and development that are functional, rather than primarily ‘sales’ driven.

More Personalised Service – Maintenance & Support

Our maintenance package provides:

  • 24/7 online fault reporting
  • Hotline Software support Monday to Friday 08.00 to 17.00.
  • Support telephone lines are open, not engaged, 98% of the time and are manned by friendly, competent staff, not answer machines, and no annoying menu options just straight through to our staff – we aim for and achieve a 75% first call solution.
  • All calls during normal working hours are answered within ten seconds, From the moment a call is logged, Delta will monitor and report on a problem during every level of maintenance and support operations saving the customer the trouble of chasing up an outstanding call. The call is logged and prioritised, a member of the Customer Support Team will then respond depending upon the priority level.

Locally Tested Updates Prior to Release

Software upgrades are based on a re-production of your system, to ensure full system continuity and are fully tested by our Customer Support Team, then at our local Leisure Centre installation prior to general release.

Advance Notice, Easy to Read Update Notes

Once a modification or enhancement has been tested ready for general release our Customer Support Team will compile customer update notes detailing the changes/enhancements made to that module. Prior to a site being upgraded the System Administrator will be sent a link (url) to be able to view all the update notes, specific to their site, for the changes to the system since the site was last updated. Only once accepted are the changes loaded.

Updates are loaded at a time convenient to you and take no more that 15 to 30 minutes. Our Quick Guides and Online Help are constantly being updated to include the latest features.

All Encompassing Service

Software Support & Maintenance includes:

  • Free updates
  • Pre-Installation Consultancy and Project Planning
  • System Design and Building based on KPI and Reporting requirements
  • Detailed Software Installation Guides
  • Hardware Advice and Configuration Assistance
  • System Administration, Reception and Management Information Training
  • On Site Go Live Support
  • After Sales Support and comprehensive on-line Help.
  • Annual User forum and Site Visit

We provide free consultation and advice, along with support with day to day operational issues as these may arise.

For any support issue that requires a program modification will be done immediately.  If the problem relates to a modification request then this will be documented and passed to the Product Development team. All amendments are prioritised and any modification which will benefit other users are provided free of charge. Centre specific amendments are priced and a time scale for completion is provided.

Scuba & CentreStage Solutions Support