CentreStage Theatre Box Office Ticketing System

CentreStage, our theatre booking and ticketing module, has been developed in association with a number of  venues to provide a comprehensive ticketing and venue management system designed to meet the needs of today’s modern box office.

CentreStage has all the features you would expect from a market leader in the entertainments industry. It is currently installed in a number of venues.

CentreStage will accommodate any number of seating plans and ticket designs and will allow you to setup an unlimited number of shows and performances that may be published on your web site automatically as a by-product of setting up the show.

The Theatre Box Office ticketing module offers fast ticketing at the point of sale and accommodates any number of seats and / or shows in a single transaction and the ability to pay by integrated credit card.

On-line, patrons can browse, register and buy in real time and make secure payments. Conventional (souvenir) tickets may be batch printed and posted by the theatre staff or CentreStage can send off QR coded tickets to the patron’s mobile device. The staff-App called ‘Usher’ will scan these codes on arrival at the venue to offer electronic event ticketing.

Key Features

CentreStage Theatre Box Office Ticketing System Product Highlights Include:

  • The ability to design your own seat plans.
  • The ability to design your own tickets/layout.
  • Internet bookings that allows your customers to select their own seats (if you want them to).
  • Optional bar coded receipt to allow on-line customers to print their own ticket.
  • Complete Patron and Prospect Contact Management.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Reports.
  • Patron Search Engine for Targeted Marketing.
  • Management reports including an on-line option for promoters.
  • Friends/Showcard/Membership facilities including Direct Debits.
  • One-Click Series Bookings which selects the same seat (where possible) for every event in a series.
  • Early bird, Last Minute, Discounted, Group and Series pricing.

On/Offline Sales

CentreStage allows you to sell tickets both on and off-line with minimal intervention. An example of this is the on-line diary which is automatically generated once the performance is setup in the box office, putting a show on-line is simply a case of clicking a checkbox.

A Wide Range Of Functions

We believe that CentreStage has all the functionality of the more well known theatre packages but at a more competitive price. It also comes with the benefits of being written by a UK based company with over 30 years experience in providing real time point of sale products and who are committed to developing and supporting our systems.