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November 2023

Troubleshooting With Scuba

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Unable to connect to Scuba ? it might be an internal issue that can be solved by your IT department.

Your banking figures aren’t matching? something might be missing with your coding.

Unable to produce a report ? you are missing required software that your IT can install.

Solutions for these and more can be found via our Client Portal – troubleshoot page.

Please contact a member of the customer support team to be given the sign up instructions:

End Of The Year Preparations For Your Scuba System!

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As we approach the end of the year please remember to do the relevant processes to insure your Scuba system is ready for the new year.

Copying codes/ facility closures / exclusions dates and more can be found via our Client Portal or contacting our customer support team for the relevant guides.

If you by chance miss this reminder not to worry! an end of year newsletter will also be released with these processes included.

Included in the newsletter will also be our Christmas office hours.